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99,9% of wall surface outlets and switches are still today made from plastic. We are the first in the world to use thermowood as a replacement for plastics in wall surface outlets and switches. Our mission is that by 2040, at least half of all wall surface outlets and switches will be made from renewable materials such as thermowood.
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Nearly all wall outlets and switches currently use plastic, a material that degrades over centuries and poses environmental hazards from production to disposal. In this sector, there has been almost no material innovation for decades. The push for eco-friendly materials is driven by EU legislation, specifically the European Green Deal, which outlines the EU’s ambition to transition to a circular economy. Today, it is feasible to construct a home almost entirely from sustainable materials. Innovations in construction technology have introduced eco-friendly alternatives for everything from structural components to interior finishes. However, when it comes to the finer details such as wall surface outlets and switches, alternatives to plastic remain scarce or are non-existing.


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We’ve created the world’s first most comprehensive series of wall surface outlets and switch components, offering 16 distinct options made from durable thermowood. Our product line is available in natural thermowood and stained black.


Made without harmful chemicals, our products are environmentally responsible.
Highly Durable
Thermally modified for enhanced resistance to moisture and decay.
Natural Beauty
Offers a rich, warm aesthetic that enhances any interior.
Low Maintenance
Requires minimal upkeep due to its robust nature.
Fully Biodegradable
Our products naturally break down at the end of their lifespan.
Wemel Wood products have undergone conformity assessments and comply with all relevant European Union directives.
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We have witnessed firsthand how the electronics industry frequently relies on difficult-to-recycle plastics as one of its most commonly used materials. A striking example of this is the switches and sockets found in every household and public building, constantly reminding us of the scant material innovation that has occurred in this sector over the years.

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